A September Century Coronado Restoration update

Here it is September and so many days have gone bye since I had a chance to update my Old Timer. The work on my 1972 Century Coronado has been slowly on going. But with a transfer for my job while still living in the same place almost put a stop to the restoration. I still was able to get a few things done and almost had to get part ways with my pride and joy.

After the wiring and stuffing boxes where complete we decided to go for a water test. While the boat was in the water, still tied to the trailer, I checked the stuffing boxes. They were dry with no water coming from them. There was water getting into the boat from somewhere. I looked around the engine bay and found that the water distribution neck was cracked.
cracked neck

I looked for a replacement but found that another one like it was at least $100 dollars. Not having the extra money for that I had to use my head to find a fix. So off to my inspiration store Tractor Supply Store. There I found practice tees, elbows, and hose bibs that are made for water. Since the water distribution neck only cycles cool water they

should work great.
plastic neck

both necks

I installed the new neck and replaced many of the hoses that were in bad shape. So now I have redone the fuel system, cooling system, and electrical system….. or so I thought. While going over the motor and all the connections getting ready for another water test I noticed something. The volt meter was not moving up when the engine was running. I took the alternator off and had it tested. It is dead; actually I took it to an alternator shop and they said it was burned from front to back. It could not be rebuilt! Just goes right in line with the rest of the wiring the precious owner did. So at that point the restoration is stalled for now until I can get $150 for a new alternator or find a used one.

I mentioned that I almost had to part with my pride and joy. The situation was that my transfer for work became official and we had to move to Waco. Even though it is only an hour and a half away I didn’t want to have it just

sitting at my parents place without me being able to do anything to it. I also picked up another project (1978 checkmate convincer) that needed a floor and to be put back together. So at this point I could only take one project with me. So they both went up for sale. Which ever one sold first was the one that would be gone. I was excited when I made a deal to sell the checkmate first. I didn’t have as much time and memories invested in it. So now I am waiting to meet the new owner and get paid for the checkmate. After that I am using the money to try and finish Old Timer!!!

Thank you for reading my update and stay tuned as I sell the other boat and get Old Timer to the new place and finish getting her ready and out to the lake. It has been a long time coming and my family and I am excited.

Nathan B.


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Posted on: September 22nd, 2011 at 1:30 pm